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BME Inntech brings over 20 years of experience to help our clients to implement and manage their electronic trading accordingly MIFID. Our network is built base on our client´s needs, the needs of our clients are our main goal and our objective to grow together.

We are experts in developing and exploiting market access and order routing services for different financial entities. Our offer includes professional trading screens, order management, FIX global interconnection network, trading algorithms, risk control systems and the ability to customize and integrate them according to our client’s needing

Technological resources are geared to continuously improve system performance and latencies. We are proud to develop our software based on state-of-the-art technology and low latency techniques, and tools to develop ultra-fast, robust and modular systems that can be integrated through a raft of high-performance communications interfaces. All hardware and software are of the latest generation, while system performance and latencies are closely monitored.

With data from all the diferent exchanges, MTFs, contributing brokers and more, our platform, a market leader in Spain, provides access to equities, fixed income, derivatives and investment funds getting easy connectivity to hundreds of entities and brokers around the world for incoming and outgoing flow. BME Inntech offers onboard managed services and meet with MIFID requirements as an ISV´s with Backup and redundancy solutions.   


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