BME Inntech offers to buy-side and sell-side participants Connectivity to a Wide Network of exchanges, MTFs, tier 1 brokers and ISVs using a single FIX protocol session and covering an end-to-end trade workflow. 

Managed Client Onboarding. BME Inntech as your technological partner helps to onboard new clients into the platform, in an easy way supporting FIX & Custom Protocols.   

Also Consultancy and Custom solutions are provided to adjust firm trading tools protocol to standard ones.




  •  Multi-Exchange
  • Multi-Asset: equities, derivatives, fixed income and funds.
  •  Exchange Gateways.
  • Expertise in low latency.
  • Maintenance and continuous evolution in each market interface.
  • FIX enrichment rules.
  • Proprietary and third-party provider algos suite
  • Risk Control Module.
  • Drop Copy Services. Customizable Real-time copies of trade reports & order messages.
  • Backoffice integrations.
  • TCA and BE Reports



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