Order Management

BME Inntech’s operates a trading platform whose modularity and customization capabilities makes it suitable for any entity size and trading style, from low-touch to high-touch. It’s hosted and operated by BME Inntech team.

Order Management System

Our OMS is a cost-effective solution providing trading desks with a complete set of functionalities to meet the requirements of the current complex and competitive trading landscape:

  • Brokers Network allows connection to main global brokers
  • Exchange connectivity for member firms
  • Multi-asset: equities, derivatives, fixed income and funds
  • Advanced Routing capabilities
  • DMA & Care Order management
  • Algorithmic Trading: in-house & third-party
  • Pre-trade controls and Alarms
  • Account based Risk Management with backoffice integration
  • Automated trading: liquidity provision & market making tools


MaX - Trading Terminal

The front-end of the OMS is the maX terminal, which provides full access to all the functionalities. It’s designed to meet trader’s requirements regarding user experience, ease of use and high performance.

Terminal maX



Compliance requirements one of the focus points in trading today. We offer integrated solutions to del with them:

Smart Order Routing

We’ve developed very customizable SOR algorithms for sell side institutions. As a broker neutral software provider, we help our clients to take advantage of their broker agreements and market memberships when delivering our SOR algos.

Transaction Cost Analysis & Best Execution

These services are fully integrated with our trading platform, so there´s nothing to do for our clients to get their TCA & BE reports or to generate reports for their own clients.



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