Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of BME INNTECH, provider of technological solutions and services related to financial markets, summarises the essential elements in our commitment to guarantee and promote the quality of our services, the efficiency of the management and the satisfaction of our customers and other interest groups (customers, suppliers, employees and society in general.)

BME INNTECH commits to the following principles:

  1. Ensure the optimal provision of services to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, transmitting the commitment, solidity and business ethics of BME, as a historical company that represents the Spanish financial market, as a defining and differentiating trait.
  2. Promote an organizational structure that facilitates communication improvements and greater participation of interest groups to encourage their commitment and achieve better results.
  3. Maintain and improve the Quality Management System, which through tools for business analysis and operations processes control provides continuous improvement of the organization and the services delivery.
  4. Guarantee the legal regulation update of the services and solutions developed in BME INNTECH and cover the needs of the clients to promote their loyalty.
  5. Encourage collaboration and partnership with other national and international companies in order to enhance and expand the services developed in BME INNTECH.
  6. Establish objectives and goals focused on the performance evaluation and the quality standards, leading to improvements based on the results obtained and the objectives set.
  7. Comply with legislation requirements that are applicable to our activity, the commitments acquired with customers and all those internal rules or guidelines for action to which BME INNTECH submits.
  8. Encourage the analysis of suggestions and improvement initiatives proposed by the different interest groups, in order to study their viability in the company and promote innovation.
  9. Dedicate resources to promote a consistent Quality Management System to contribute to the effectiveness of the organization and the improvement of processes and service delivery.
  10. Establish systems to collect contextual information on socio-economic and professional aspects, in order to adapt or create new services and respond to regulatory and social demands.


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