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BME will launch an AI-based Roboadvisor service

19 January, 2021
  • The software will allow financial institutions to optimise their investment recommendation process individually for each investor and at any time
  • The algorithm learns with each iteration, understanding the preferences and knowledge of each investor, thus generating optimal portfolios

BME has developed an innovative service of Roboadvisor with Artificial Intelligence optimizing investments based on the investor's preferences and knowledge and complying with each firm’s business regulations.

The service allows the system not only to understand each investor’s knowledge, financial situation and goals, but also to take into account their preferences, risk aversion and recurrence, thus allowing the generation of optimal customized portfolios.

This new service will be available next month from Diaphanum, which, through its subsidiary IronIA, participated in the proof of concept and will integrate the software into its current investment management platform.

Berta Ares, Managing Director of BME Inntech, points out that this new development "is the result of BME's commitment to innovation and digitalization as the main ways to add value to the financial industry".

The AI-based Roboadvisor has been fully developed by BME's Innovation Lab, from where the potential of new technologies and software solutions for the financial markets is explored. The solution is incorporated into BME Inntech's catalogue of Wealth Management services, through its subsidiary Openfinance.


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