WealthTech Solutions

These services are provided by Openfinance, BME's fintech subsidiary, expert in providing solutions for wealth management and client back-office integration projects. These high added-value solutions have been implemented in over 75 financial institutions in seven different countries.

BME Inntech's drive to innovate and extensive experience, complemented by our other technological solutions, enable us to provide global and flexible solutions to assist with the process of attracting the end clients of our partners, offering them financial and wealth management advice and helping to retain them, through the use of solutions adapted to their business needs and regulatory compliance.

The solutions cover the most demanding requirements of banks, fund managers, securities houses and independent financial advisors, and range from:

  • Openworkplace Enterprise, a robust modular and customisable platform for highly-demanding environments that integrates with the back-office system(s) of each institution and is implemented along with a consultant specialising in adding value through customisation.
  • Openworkplace SAAS, designed for dynamic environments where growth, efficiency and effectiveness are key to client portfolio management. All the flexibility of a solution developed by experts for experts.
  • Bestporfolio, a solution providing the essential functions to carry out financial advice tasks and which is continually adapted to the benchmark regulatory framework (MiFID II). All the simplicity necessary in a tool kit to automate processes, make agile investment proposals and, in short, offer independent advisers efficient interaction and a differentiated service for its end clients.


  • Countries: 7
  • Financial institutions: 75+
  • Users: 55,000+
  • Presence in independent financial advisors: 25%


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