Global Regulatory Reporting

BME Inntech Global Regulatory Reporting is a multi-regulatory platform that provides efficient regulatory transaction reporting. The platform integrates seamlessly with clients’ source systems, giving clients the flexibility to adapt to everchanging requirements. With BME Inntech Global Regulatory Reporting you gain efficient change management over time.

BME Inntech Global Regulatory Reporting solution seamlessly captures, consolidates and reports all data required for compliant transaction reporting to help financial institutions, improve operational efficiency, gain data control and manage changes in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Global R.R.


Global Regulatory Reporting supports FinfraG, EMIR (Art. 9), MiFIDII (Art. 26, RTS 22 + 58), SFTR and MMSR. The platform is developed with a single data model and ready for easy adaption of new regulations, such as MAR, ASIC and Dodd-Frank.


  • Data quality/quality assurance: Clients are able to consolidate all its data from several sources and the multi-reg reporting solution allows the client to report to a multitude of regulations from a single source.
  • Change management and maintaining regulatory knowledge: BME Inntech Global Regulatory Reporting monitors and assesses all changes from ESMA/NCAs and the TRs/ARMs to inform clients of required changes and the impact on their data.
  • Optimizing operational efficiency and scalability: The solution retrieves the data from the client’s source system(s), validates all transactions and populate the specific reports for each eligible regulations, reducing the need for multiple reporting.

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Copyright® BME 2023
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