SofIA Lab

SofIA is the Artificial Intelligence Lab of BME Inntech in which we develop software solutions through Deep Learning to the financial markets.

We currently have one service in production:

  • Investment algorithms - medium and low frequency algorithms that optimize asset selection and resource allocation to facilitate investment decisions.
      • Oscillator Allocator 
      • Sword Allocator
      • Shield Allocator
      • Rotador Sectorial 
  • Roboadvisor with artificial intelligence that personalizes investment recommendations without the limitations of the 5 type portfolios.
      • Assets selection
      • Resources allocation
      • Portfolio rebalancing

And we are currently working on different initiatives:

  • Best execution algorithms - Development of better execution algorithms, optimizing the volume, frequency and aggressiveness of orders care
  • Quant Platform – investment algorithm development and testing environment


For further information,
please contact us at

+34 91 709 59 31

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