SWIFT Services (Highway)

BME INNTECH has been SWIFT Service Bureau since 2008, when SWIFT created authorized service centers with the aim of outsourcing the daily operations of its SWIFT connection to a third party. BME INNTECH also provides its users with a variety of services.

It comprises two services:

BME HighWay Swift Engine

Aimed at financial institutions wishing to outsource their SWIFT infrastructure by using BME’s SWIFT infrastructure.

BME HighWay Empresas

Designed for companies in any sector and consisting of a single-window communication platform between businesses and all the national and international banks with which they work.

BME INNTECH solution is a global connectivity solution, in which the configurations with the client's banking network and the management of the infrastructure, certificates and messaging exchange are delegated to SWIFT experts.

To manage the functionalities of treasury management, BME Inntech offers customers an application that provides an intuitive and comfortable way to handle both the banking pool, and the monitoring of sending and receiving files safely.




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