Housing & Hosting (Alternativ)

This business line offers comprehensive services of Technological Infrastructures and comprises a family of solutions for the improvement of IT infrastructures for companies, both in the Financial Sector (adding to it the great knowledge of the financial business that BME has) as well as outside it.

BME ALTERNATIV are services segmented in continuity and production mode:

Continuity Mode:

Business Continuity Solutions that offer customers the continuity of their functions and critical data in the event that an incident blocks their normal operations..

  • Immediate Response Service (SRI): Allows companies in the Financial Sector to immediately continue their operations in the Markets in the event of any contingency
  • Personalized Continuity Service (SCP): Tailor-made service, with different levels of complexity, Financial Sector and non financial companies.

Production mode:

  • Hosting: BME INNTECH provides the client with the necessary virtual space and infrastructure to host the client's computer applications in our facilities, with BME INNTECH being responsible for the physical security and custody of the equipment.
  • Hosting+: Comprehensive maintenance of the client's hardware and software. BME INNTECH staff is in charge of the configuration and maintenance of the machines, so that it contains all of its computer infrastructure.

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