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BME Inntech offers consultancy services, technological solutions and specialised training in international financial market.

Carries out projects for different international players, including: international market operators, government agencies, market supervisors and regulators, and both public and private financial institutions.

In order to meet this objective, teams are sets up on an ad hoc basis for each project, according to its nature, so that the teams comprise consultants with the specific profile needed to fulfil the needs of each project and client.

The projects are undertaken in the following three business areas:

Market-related strategic consultancy

BME Inntech offers financial consultancy services and technological tools through its Consultancy area, along with training services to public and private institutions such as central banks, market supervisors and operators, government agencies, etc.

BME Inntech provides specialist assistance in the following areas:

  • Design and implementation of financial markets and their instruments.
  • Capital markets legal framework.
  • Operating procedures and principles.
  • Market supervision.

Market-related Technology Consultancy

The aim of these projects is to determine client requirements, design and roll out market platforms and technology systems, and subsequently to provide an integrated support and maintenance service. The platforms are based on the technological solutions BME has developed and uses, tailoring them to the needs and specific features of each country and client (regulatory framework, type of market, operating procedures, etc.).

Therefore, BME Inntech is able to provide an integrated, end-to-end vision with scalable and tailor-made solutions. In addition, as a technology provider, it offers cutting-edge solutions for financial markets, which include:

  • Trading platforms: Equity, Fixed-income and Derivatives.
  • Central counterparty (CCP) systems and securities settlement systems.
  • Monitoring systems.
  • Technology systems for global access to the main international stock markets.
  • Information dissemination systems.

Specialised training

In addition to these services, together with Instituto BME (BME’s training centre), we also offer training programmes in the area of financial markets, tailored to the needs of both national and international clients.

Areas of training include:

  • Market microstructure and operation.
  • Investor protection in capital markets.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Investor relations.
  • Architecture and functioning of markets and financial systems.
  • Management of financial market operators.
  • Design and development of financial products.
  • Capital markets legal framework.
  • Central counterparty and registration, clearing and settlement systems.
  • Corporate governance applied to markets and issuers.

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