TCA - Transaction Cost Analysis Service


  • MiFID compliant
  • Compatible with any Front-Office system
  • Confidentiality guaranteed by BME standards
  • Broker neutrality
  • Simple reports at affordable prices

The TCA service will enable you to have in-depth knowledge of your implicit execution costs on those markets where you trade directly. It will also detail the real costs of your trading on the remaining markets where you trade through brokers.

Visual TCA will regularly submit PDF reports on the destination and execution quality of your order flow, broken down by market, client, trader, broker, etc. All of this will allow you to know which brokers are providing the best execution or what implicit costs the clients that trade through you are supporting.

Visual TCA is compatible with any Front-Office system and it is available for clients routing their orders through Visual Trader and also for clients using other providers but willing to provide Visual Trader with an executions information file.


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  • Copyright® BME 2020
Copyright® BME 2020
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