BME InnTech Global FIX HUB

BME InnTech Global FIX HUB

BME Inntech has more than 200 financial institutions directly connected to its network. The main routing networks are also connected to the BME Inntech network, giving a total over 500 financial institutions which are able to send and receive orders between them. See the list of routing networks and trading systems that are compatible with BME Inntech.

If your entity is an international Global Broker, by connecting to our network you will have the opportunity to receive orders from the large majority of Spanish financial institutions.


  • The network covers the majority of Spanish buysides.
  • The majority of members in Spain are users.
  • Hundreds of international firms connected.
  • FIX interface (4.0-4.2-4.4-5.0).
  • Possible to connect by VPN, point-to-point lines or via third parties.

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Copyright® BME 2020
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