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Regulatory compliance toolsets, help clients comply with their various regulatory obligations established by financial sector regulators using a centralised, modular, end-to-end and secure architecture. All ComplianceNet Platform services are constantly updated to quickly bring them into line with the frequent changes in the regulatory framework, requiring no intervention by users.

  • SICAM, BME´s Integrated Service against Market Abuse, is the tool integrated into ComplianceNet platform that enables the compliance with regulatory requirements related to the fulfilment of the Suspicion Transaction Reporting (STR) obligation according to the Market Abuse Directive. Additionally, it provides a function to support the Internal Code of Conduct management.

    SICAM gathers all the information needed for the detection and analysis of market transaction in a platform that notifies Compliance Officers of any information or situation that requires their attention via automatic alerts.

    SICAM generates alerts, tailored to each entity that show the details of market transactions effected by clients or the entity itself. This kind of alerts allows the control of most of conducts defined as suspicious of market abuse or of market manipulation.

  • SIR, the Integrated Financial Reporting Service, is the ComplianceNet Platform tool covering all instances of reporting to regulators (CNMV or Bank of Spain) that financial institutions are required to submit.

    SIR is therefore the single reporting window for all types of financial institution.

    Specifically, SIR facilitates the preparation, reconciliation and validation of public and supervisory financial statements and other disclosures that financial institutions supervised by the CNMV and Bank of Spain are required to report, producing an XML/XBRL file with this information.

  • RIC, module within SICAM for the management of the Internal Code of Conduct.

Although functionally complementary, they all share the global characteristics of the ComplianceNet Platform, such as a centralized, modular, integrated and secure architecture.


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