BME Inntech's innovation solutions are fruit of the BME Group's technology-related experience which, along with its great capability for open innovation, provide outsourced services achieving the most standards of security, reliability and confidentiality to our clients in the financial sphere and companies in other sectors both at home and abroad.

Trusted third party services, substantially bolster the actual and perceived security of online transactions, using a combination of time-stamping, voice biometrics and recognition. This includes electronic signatures certified by Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) which can be used on a mobile device in seconds to confirm and authenticate any electronic acts of agreement, contract, authorisation, consent, etc.

IT outsourcing services, consist of technical infrastructure outsourcing services in both production and back-up environments, such as housing, hosting and VDIs. All of these can be personalised to tailor them to each client's specific needs and procedures, to the highest standards of security, reliability and confidentiality that BME adheres to in market operations.

Regulatory compliance toolsets, help clients comply with their various regulatory obligations established by financial sector regulators using a centralised, modular, end-to-end and secure architecture. All ComplianceNet Platform services are constantly updated to quickly bring them into line with the frequent changes in the regulatory framework, requiring no intervention by users.

Highway services, comprise the SWIFT platform's entire suite of OUTSOURCING services for financial entities and other financial market players, and financial messaging services for companies consisting of a multi-bank, multi-format global financial reporting platform that can be integrated with a company's management software.


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