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BME Inntech is a BME subsidiary  providing a raft of high-performance technological solutions and innovation to all financial sector agents and players.

With the fintech industry booming, the potential of digital models and technologies to transform has become a priority for the industry, while extracting value from new and existing technologies is on the agenda of our existing and future clients.

BME Inntech came into being to bring together and enhance the added value technology, consultancy, regulatory and innovation services of BME. 



 Combining our extensive sector knowledge with business and digital innovation and our large team of professionals and technology experts, we offer open architecture solutions that accelerate the impact of the digital revolution such as: online brokers, portfolio management solutions, regulatory compliance and adaptation solutions, technological infrastructure outsourcing, trading terminals, market access, risk management and innovation solutions such as trusted third party services and SWIFT outsourcing services.

BME Inntech is therefore able to provide an overarching, end-to-end vision with scalable and tailor-made solutions making us a strategic business partner that knows and fulfils the needs of its clients with the security and reputation that only a group such as BME, with its robustness and experience at home and abroad, is capable of providing.


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